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Bubbles fanfiction

Anyone who wants to write a Bubbles slash fanfiction?

The Wire Christmas Carol (Parody)

Fandom: The Wire
Content Warnings: Violence, offensive language
Spoilers: Seasons 4 & 5

Have been enjoying checking out this community! This is a parody of A Christmas Carol with characters from The Wire. Hope you guys like it. :-)

A Very Merry Christmas Carol w/ The Wire
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[12] The Wire
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Here @ equanimousicons

40 Wire Icons @ MOSAICALLY

40 icons featuring Avon, Bodie, Bubbles, Bunk, D'Angelo, Daniels, Carver, Herc, Kima, Levy, McNulty, Omar, Prez, Shadene and Stringer

For more icons featuring more Wire characters like Wallace and Poot, and Wire cast members in other productions (*cough* Idris Elba won an Emmy),
check out previous Wire posts at MOSAICALLY
consider watching or joining mosaically

Or becoming LJ friends because I need more fellow Wire fans in my life.  Seriously, this show.  It is my hero. 

Wire Icons @ Mosaically

Avon Barksdale
D'Angelo Barksdale
Stringer Bell
Poot Carr
Omar Little
Bunk Moreland
Ellis Carver
(who knew his first name was Ellis?)
Lester Freamon
Kima Greggs.
ALSO: Minor profanity, courtesy of the Bunk and the wonderfully not-pg gems he tends to drop.  


Re: ScreencapsCollapse )

Fic: We'll Be Safe from Satan

Author: Oak
Characters: Chris Partlow, Marlo Stanfield
Rating: R (language and violence; no sex)
Length: 2000 words
Content warnings: References to rape. Offensive language, including racial epithets. Violence.
Spoiler warnings: Season 4 through "Misgivings."
Notes: Could be slash or gen; it's really up to your interpretation.

Summary: Triage for a wounded soldier.

Read at my journal.

Fic: One Act, One Guy, One Time

Title: One Act, One Guy, One Time
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ficlet set during the Season Three episode All Due Respect.
Pairing: Herc/Carver (sorta)
Fic hereCollapse )

Some Thoughts on The Wire

The Wire is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and original television programmes ever made. Its unrivalled scale and depth coupled with a brilliant script make for a rich and complex viewing experience. The format of the show is also innovative, ditching the usual clichés of American police dramas and using a number of dramatic devices that have made it largely inaccessible to a mainstream audience... read more.

Wise Up (for the Corner Kids)

Title: Wise Up
Song/Artist: 'Wise Up' by Aimee Mann.
Fandom: The Wire
Description: A tribute to the corner kids and the adults who tried to help them. 
Characters: Randy, Namond, Michael, Dukie, Bodie, Bubbles. 
Spoilers: For S4 Only.
Warnings: Violent and distressing scenes
Vidders Note: mavoorik asked me to upload this ages ago. Sorry it took so long!

Originally posted HERE

20 Icons

No, I don't know when to quit, actually. Why do you ask?

The rest here at cigarsgalore.