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thewireficart's Journal

The Wire Fanworks Community
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All Members , Moderated
HBO's The Wire Fanfic and Fanart Community
This fan community is dedicated to HBO's the Wire. Please post fanfiction and fanart and more -- anything to do with the amazing show. This is also a het, slash and gen friendly community.

1. You may post fanfics, links to fanfics, recs, fanart, introductions, websites, challenges, icons, et cetera, as long as they are in some way related to HBO's The Wire.

2. LJ-cuts are your friends. Use them for any images you post (though the teasers of icon posts may be posted outside of the cut) and any texts longer than 100 words.

3. You may post links to other livejournal communities, which you think may be interesting for the watchers – but only do this if the post also includes a fanfic, fanart, et cetera. Advertise-only posts will be deleted instantly.

4. Be nice. There is something that is called ‘nettiquette’. No flaming. No trolls. No copying work from others.

If you post a fic, art (or rec), your header should look something like this:

Title: The title.
Author: your name or the author’s name or the co-author’s name
Part [if a series]: if it’s multi-chaptered
Other pairings/characters: If there are significant other pairings and/or characters
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Warnings: please include here: squicks, character death, and other
Summary: Small summary of the story, not really necessary if it’s only a few-hundred words drabble
Author's Notes: Betas, challenges, et cetera.

Happy posting!